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Download Galeon for free, a browser based on Gecko specifically developed for GNOME. With Galeon you will be able to enjoy a comfortable Internet browser

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Galeon is a web browser developed to work on the GNOME desktop that uses the rendering engine developed by Mozilla, known as Gecko.

  Its design is basically aimed at offering the user a comfortable way to browse the Internet, a reason why Galeon stands out due to its low resource consumption and its great speed. Thus, this browser avoid all the functions that can really become a load for the system, but without leaving aside some other options that a really basic for the user like tab browsing and pop-up blocking.

  Other functions included in Galeon are:
- Shortcuts to bookmarks.
- Configuration of the home page.
- Includes a toolbar to search on Google, Google Images, Google Groups and the Wikipedia.
- Customization of the toolbars.
- Editing personal data.
- Managing the cookies.

  As well as all the latter, Galeon also includes a sidebar, that can be used to host a calculator, calendar, etc.
Requirements and additional information:
It works on GNOME desktop environments.
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