Internet for Linux

These Internet tools and applications for Linux offer us greater control over different aspects that have to do with network management and online files

Google Chrome 70.0.3538.67 English
Google Chrome 70.0.3538.67

The Linux version of the browser by Google

WiFite 2.0 r85 English
WiFite 2.0 r85

Automate the audit of Wi-Fi networks

uTorrent 3.5.4 44632 English
uTorrent Beta 3.3.30470

Download files and share them for free on the Internet

xVideoServiceThief 2.5.2 English

App to download videos from dozens of sites like YouTube

LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 English
LimeWire Basic 5.5.16

Share Gnutella and BitTorrent files

Music Download Center 0.5 English

Download your favorite music

Netscape English

Make the most of this classic web browser

Firefox 63.0 English
Firefox 63.0

One of the most important browsers

Samba 4.4.4 English
Samba 4.4.4

Suite for the interoperability between Linux and Windows

Video DownloadHelper 4.9.24 English

Download Internet videos from your browser

PyTube English

Download and edit videos from YouTube in this 'all in one'

Vuze 2.1 English

One of the best BitTorrent clients around

Moonlight English

Open source Silverlight implementation

Packet Tracer 7.1.1 English

Cisco network simulator

Maxthon English

A quick and safe browser designed for users

Eee-Control 0.9.7 English

Tool to have control over your Asus Eee

Swiftweasel 3.5.6 English

Browser that's an optimized version of Firefox

FrostWire 6.5.6 English
FrostWire 6.5.6

Share large-sized files

ZMap 1.1.2 English
ZMap 1.1.2

Tool to scan large networks

Opera 56.0.3051.36 English
Opera 51.0.2830.26

One of the quickest web browsers available

Rdesktop 1.7.1 English
Rdesktop 1.7.1

Remote access for Windows computers

WiFi Radar 2.0 English

Detect and configure Wi-Fi connections in your reach

Flash Player English
Flash Player

All the power of Flash Player on your Linux

BitTorrent 5.3 English

Download files from one of the fastest P2P networks

eBox 1.4.2 English
eBox 1.4.2

Install and configure a very complete server

Kismet 2013-03-R1b English
Kismet 2013-03-R1b

Check the configuration and security of your Wi-Fi connection

QuickDownloader 5.0 English

Manage the download of files from the Internet

Tor Browser 8.0.2 English
Tor 8.0.2

The browser that guarantees your anonymity on the Internet

aMule 2.3.2 English
aMule 2.3.2

eMule for Linux

ProZilla 2.0.4 English
ProZilla 2.0.4

Increase the speed of your file downloads

Flock 2.6.2 English
Flock 2.6.2

A web browser specialized in social networks

Midori 0.5.11 English
Midori 0.5.11

Light and quick web browser

Blueman 1.23 English
Blueman 1.23

Complete Bluetooth device manager

FileZilla 3.37.1 English
FileZilla 3.37.1

Complete stable FTP server

Gnash Beta 0.8.10 English
Gnash Beta 0.8.10

Play Flash on Linux without any problems

lMule 1.3.1 English
lMule 1.3.1

eMule version for Linux

4shared Desktop 1.3 English

The Linux desktop client for your 4shared account

VNC 6.1.1 English
VNC 6.1.1

Connect to any computer remotely

PHP 5 .5.5 English
PHP 5 .5.5

Runtime and development engine for the creation of dynamic sites

CrushFTP 6.3.0 English
CrushFTP 6.3.0

Configure multiple servers on one