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Webmin is an application for Linux with which you will be able to manage any computer over a network. Download Webmin on your PC and test all its functions


Manage your system from the browser

May 31, 2021
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Webmin is a software application that can come in very handy now that the majority of computers are connected to a network. This software is a web application that automatically installs a small server, and that allows you to manage any PC with Linux remotely.

Web-based system administration

With Webmin, it's possible to connect to a PC via a local network or on the Internet to view and edit the user accounts, the Apache, MySQL, Samba, DNS, DHCP configurations, as well as the shared files and folders,... Any PC (normally server) that uses Linux and has access to the network will offer the possibility to be totally configured with Webmin.

The Webmin interface is totally based on the browser, in such a way that its appearance is much more similar to that of any CMS than to that of any configuration and control software. Nevertheless, a large number of available modules and how easy they are to be installed turn it into an excellent remote configuration application.

As a security option, Webmin can use SSL encryption to encrypt its connections by simply selecting it so that it installs the corresponding Perl module.

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