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Geek Superhero is a program that protects the computer from dangerous software. Download Geek Superhero and avoid that no malware attacks the system


Watches your computer for changes caused by viruses, worms...

January 27, 2010
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Browsing over the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, and downloading files expose our computer to all kinds of malware, so we have to have a solution that will always maintain it protected against all kinds of malware.

Geek Superhero is a tool with which we can avoid that any kind of malware modifies the configuration of our Internet connection, the settings of Internet Explorer, our computer startup process or add icons of publicity websites to our desktop.

Set of tools to protect your PC

It has an anti-phishing system thanks to which we will avoid that our identity is robbed by using a fraudulent web that simulates that we are accessing our bank data or e-mail account.

Other features that stand out of the program are its Windows startup manager and a small utility thanks to which we can analyze graphically (by means of color folders) how our space use is distributed on our hard drive.

The program has a notification system with which we will always be able to pay attention to any change related to any of the areas protected by the program.

If you want an efficient and practical tool, with which you will be able to avoid malicious websites, applications and users, download and try Geek Superhero.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The limited version of the application.
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