Geek Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller is a program designed to uninstall programs without leaving any trail. Download Geek Uninstaller free to remove programs without problems
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The uninstalling system included in the operating system works together with the system of each of the programs, tools and games that are installed, but it has certain gaps that can end up being of vital importance in the long run. To be able to avoid these future problems the best idea is to use a program like Geek Uninstaller.

Completely eliminate unwanted programs

When it comes to speaking about uninstaller applications it must be said that they don't usually include a very extensive selection of options, because their objective is very clear. Eliminate programs without leaving any trail of them, that is the exact objective of Geek Uninstaller.

Delete the data of the applications that can't be uninstalled.

On certain occasions we can come upon an application that it is totally impossible to uninstall using any type of software and the only solution left is to eliminate them using brute force, thanks to Geek Uninstaller you will be able to complete this process in a controlled environment, because it performs a special verification once the process is finished.

Download Geek Uninstaller for free to make sure that you don't leave any traces of the applications that you uninstall from your operating system.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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