Global Pets

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Global Pets is a virtual pet game for your PC just like the famous Tamagotchi. Look after your virtual pet and provide it with all the love it needs


Take care of your own virtual pet

February 24, 2011
9 / 10

We are sure that you remember Tamagotchis, those virtual pets which you had to pay attention to and look after as if they were real pets. Global Pets 2002 follows the same development line, allowing you to raise your own virtual pet but making the most of your computer's power to present better graphics and performance.

Place a tamagotchi on your PC

The guys at Mezaman LLC have developed a new game from this idea of interaction between the player and the virtual pets. You will have to look after your own pet, feed it, take it for a walk, cover it up while it sleeps... As if it were a real pet you will have to spend time playing with your pet and offer it the best living conditions possible. This will allow it to grow and avoid that it dies, which means the end of the game.

The game has a worldwide community on which you will be able to interact with the owners of other virtual pets. You can now create and look after your own virtual pet with Global Pets 2002. Look how it grows and offer it the best care possible to avoid that it dies and thus have the best company on your PC.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 95.
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