Snooze in Gmail: what it is used for and how to activate it in emails

Google has been slowly improving its email application, known as Gmail. Among the functions, it has added is the ability to snooze emails. What is it for and how can you use it? Let us show you how to do it in this article.

What is snooze for in Gmail?

Snooze is a feature that lets you set a date and time for any email you receive in your inbox. This way, you will receive a notification at the right time. This is a very useful feature in certain circumstances. For example, let's say you have received an email with tickets for a concert. Instead of keeping the message in the main inbox, you can snooze it until the right moment when you need to check it. Until then, it will remain hidden. When the time comes, Gmail will notify you again at the selected date and time as if you had received the email at that precise moment.

How to snooze an email in Gmail?

You can postpone a mailing for later in just a few steps. The first and most obvious is to open the conversation you want to snooze.

Open an emailOpen an email

Then, drop down the options menu and tap on Snooze.

Open the message’s main menuOpen the message’s main menu

In the pop-up dialog, choose one of the predefined settings for snoozing mail. If none of them fit your needs, just choose Select date and time.

Selection of default timesSelection of default times

Choose the day using the calendar selector.

Choose a dateChoose a date

Finally, set the time you want to get the notification.

Choose a timeChoose a time

If you want to check the conversations you have snoozed, open the side menu and select the Snoozed section.

Location of snoozed emailsLocation of snoozed emails

From there, you will be able to read the emails you have marked as snoozed and modify the date and time of each one of them.