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Goodtyping is an online app that comes along with a course that offers you all the basics to be able to improve your typing skills on your PC's keyboard


Improve your typing skills

December 13, 2018
7 / 10

Learning how to typewrite correctly isn't so hard. You only need to follow the appropriate instructions and Goodtyping is a decent online typewriting course that offers you all the basics. Thanks to the latter, you can develop your typing skills on your computer's keyboard, improving your correction and speed measured in strokes per minute.

Improve your typing with this free typewriting course

This webapp comes along with a wide range of lessons of progressive difficulty that allow us to practice all the typewriting basics. Thanks to the latter, in no time at all, you'll notice how you increase your efficiency when it comes to typing texts. The following are its main features:

  • Learn how to type correctly with just a few hours of practice.
  • Step by step, learn how to use all ten fingers at a great speed.
  • Almost thirty guided and interactive online lessons.
  • Make progress little by little and at your own pace.
  • Take speed tests and find out for yourself how you've improved with practice.
  • Sign up as a user to keep control of all your stats.

Improve your typewriting with the best online typing course available for free that you can take part in from your computer.

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