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Google Books is Google's literary search engine, where you can also create a customised library with free books or that have been purchased from Google Play

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Google allows you to search for whatever you want on the Internet, even books. Google Books is the service developed by Mountain View to carry out literature searches. You can check a preview, read them and even download them to your computer for free.


  • Search engine: search on Google for books about any issue. You can also access a section of recommendations. Depending on the will of the publishing companies, you will be able to see a preview, read the entire content or even download them in PDF format.
  • My library: this space is like a history to be able to see your searches, the books you have purchased or looked up, your favourites, the books you are reading and those that you want to read in the future.
  • Google Play: Google's store has a book section where you can purchase or download for free all sorts of books.

Access Google Books and enjoy the best literature. Carry out searches, configure your own library and set your imagination free.

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