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Google Lens lets you identify and find information about the world that surrounds you thanks to its recognition AI and the camera of your Android device

Google's AI lands on your camera

May 20, 2022
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Google's progress in the field of artificial intelligence is very impressive. They've managed to take their technology to the next level, allowing us to recognize everything that surrounds us thanks to our smartphone's camera. Although it may not sound very useful, the truth is that they've already developed quite a few great applications and more are soon to arrive making use of their advanced AI.

We're talking about their Google Lens experiment that was until now included as an option in Google Photos but now comes along with its own standalone application so that all users can try it out and also help them to expand and improve their database.

Functions of Google Lens

  • Recognition and interaction with text: GL now allows us to focus text with our camera to carry out all sorts of actions such as adding events to our calendar, searching for words in a dictionary and translating them, and even copying and pasting text.
  • Information about our surroundings: recognize the most important monuments, masterpieces in museums, their timetables... and receive historical information and data of your interest. Perfect for tourists!
  • Recognition of shopping items: if you're walking down the street and you spot the perfect jacket in a shop window, you fancy some chocolates that are hard to find or you just want to be nosy and find out how much your neighbor has spent on his new car, Lens allows you to aim your camera at the object in question and purchase it directly on the Internet, as well as other related items.
  • Recognition of plant varieties and animal species: curiosity never should be considered a flaw. With Google Lens, you can quench your curiosity if you see an unknown plant or a dog in the park. Google Lens can identify the animal's breed or the type of plant.

What's new in the latest version

  • Camera movement is analyzed for more accurate results.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
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