Google Photos Android Google Photos is the service that allows you to save automatic backups on the cloud of all the photos you take with your Android smartphone or tablet
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Back in 2015, Google presented its new online storage service mainly focused on photos, images, and videos, and conceived for both Android phones and iPhones, as well as Windows PC and macOS.

We're talking about Google Photos, a platform born with the intention to complement the offline gallery of our device and offer us automatic backups of all the photos taken with our phone's camera, to make them accessible from any other handset or PC.

A home for all your photos and videos.

If having the possibility to store all our photos automatically on the cloud so we don't lose them in the case of having our phone stolen or damaged, as well as releasing plenty of internal storage space, is a reason enough to get hold of the APK of one of our favorite apps, the rest of functions available also make it very appropriate:

  • Organize and classify your picture by date, place or people who appear (using its facial recognition technology).
  • Automatic backups allow you to synchronize photos between different devices.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Smart search tool to find the exact photo you want.
  • Function to create collages with the photos stored in your gallery.
  • Create animations, panoramic images, and movies based on your photos.
  • Image editor with advanced processing functions.
  • Automatic generation of photo albums.
  • Build memories based on the pics you took on the same date of past years.
  • Share photos and albums in the most simple of manners.

What's the capacity of Google Photos?

As we mentioned above, this service offers us unlimited storage space. In other words, there's no maximum capacity and we can upload to the servers of the guys at Mountain View thousands and millions of photographs. However, there's a tiny cheat in this issue. Google resizes those pics that exceed a certain resolution but this modification is hardly noticeable for ordinary users.

Who can view my Google Photos?

Well, that's a good question in a period in which we're all wary of our privacy and we want to limit to the maximum extent who can access our personal files, in this case, photos and videos. Well, with Google's official gallery there's nothing to worry about as only you will be able to see the images and collages you store in this service. Unless you decide to share a pic or album with a contact, granting that person permission to view those files.

What's new in the latest version

  • New storage management tool to help easily manage the photos that count towards the storage limit.
Requirements and additional information:
70.6 MB

Google Photos Tips & Tricks

How to download all photos from Google Photos
Google has created a very simple system that lets users download all the content they upload to its servers. And that includes photos and videos synced with Google Photos.


How to move all photos from Google Photos to another account
Google Photos does not have a feature that lets you move all photos in your library from one account to another. However, thanks to its collaboration option between users, you will be able to do it in a relatively simple way. To start, make sure that you are logged in with both accounts on the device. In this way, you will be able to perform the whole process without leaving the application. Tap on the avatar of your user, and then, on Photos settings. Make sure you do it from the source account.


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