Homerun Clash Android

Play batting games in quick baseball games online and participate in tournaments against the best players in your league in the Android game Homerun Clash

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Sorry for Americans, Latin Americans, Japanese, and everyone who is nationalized in countries where baseball is a popular sport or almost a religion. Yes, we all know that it is a 9-on-9 sport that involves hitting a ball thrown by an opponent with a bat and running around the field's perimeter and bases (roughly), and this sounds great, but it has to be said: baseball is a slow, boring sport and its games are absurdly long.

What is the only fun thing about this sport? Batting, of course. Android game Homerun Clash focuses on batting and getting as many home runs as possible.

Main features

  • Several game modes: quick 1-on-1 online games, 4 player games where the winner gets all the rewards, challenge mode and tournament mode (the latter lasts three days).
  • As you progress and win games, you can unlock equipment cards and skills to improve your batting team.
  • The characters are very charismatic and fun: a hip-hop producer, a Viking, a DJ, a secret agent, and more.
  • The player can change the style and clothing of their characters.
  • It includes league rankings that are updated weekly.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Haegin Co., Ltd.
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772.2 MB

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