The best sports games for Android

There’s life beyond soccer as proven by this wide range of sports games in which you’ll find mobile titles revolving around all sorts of sports disciplines: basketball, tennis, hockey, NFL, boxing, golf, pool…

NBA 2K Mobile 8.8.9567769 English
NBA 2K Mobile 8.8.9567769

One of the best basketball games

8 Ball Pool 55.5.1 English
8 Ball Pool 55.5.1

Challenge players from all over the world to a game of pool

NBA LIVE Mobile 8.3.02 English

A revolutionary basketball game by EA Sports

Real Cricket 24 1.8 English

Spectacular cricket simulator for mobiles

Haydos 380 0.3.2 English
Haydos 380 0.3.2

Play cricket with Matthew Hayden

Cricket League 1.19.0 English

Multiplayer cricket game in 1v1 matches

Virtual Horse Racing 3D 1.0.7 English

A horse racing game has arrived on Android

King of Pool 1.25.5 English
King of Pool 1.25.5

Play pool online wth players from around the world

Big Bash Cricket 2.1 English

Become a cricket champion

Sonic at the Olympic Games 10.0.1 English

Save the Olympics with the help of Sonic!

HalaPlay 27.0 English
HalaPlay 27.0

Create your soccer or cricket teams and win cash prizes

Vision11 1.55 English
Vision11 1.55

Become a star in cricket and other Fantasy sports

BalleBaazi 3.0.1 English
BalleBaazi 3.0.1

A fantasy cricket game

My11Circle 11100.59 English
My11Circle 11100.59

Build your dream cricket team

Faboom Fantasy Cricket 2.1 English

Create your cricket team and earn money in real matches

Real Boxing 2 ROCKY 1.44.0 English

Rocky Balboa's boxing game

Ping Pong Fury English
Ping Pong Fury

Become a virtual ping-pong star

NBA Infinite 1.18194.5404.0 English
NBA Infinite 1.18194.5404.0

Play basketball with the biggest NBA stars

Gamezy 5.0.2022122816 English
Gamezy 5.0.2022122816

Make the most of your cricket and soccer knowledge in this fantasy game

Epic Cricket 3.10 English

Dive into the world of cricket with this realistic game

Gully Cricket 2.0 English

Play cricket in the neighborhood

World Cricket Championship 2 4.7 English

Play cricket from your Android handset

The Spike 4.2.5 English
The Spike 4.2.5

An elegant volleyball game with minimalistic 2D graphics

Real Cricket GO 0.2.4 English

Realistic cricket simulator

MyNBA 2K23 7.0.8420159 English
MyNBA 2K23 7.0.8420159

The companion app of NBA 2K23

Fishing Strike 1.53.0 English

Fish dozens of species on your Android

Baseball 9 3.6.0 English
Baseball 9 3.6.0

Baseball game for Android with a nice design

Touchgrind Skate 2 1.6.4 English

A game that mixes skateboarding with fingerboarding

Battle of Chepauk 2 4.1.0 English

Create your cricket team and conquer championships

Dotball 1.7 English
Dotball 1.7

Prove how much you know about cricket in this fantasy game

Wheelie Challenge 1.69 English

Pull infinite wheelies with your motorbike, quad and bicycle

Dream11 5.15.3 English
Dream11 5.15.3

Fantasy cricket game

Tour de France 2021 1.6.8 English

Cycling team management game for Android

Dream Cricket 2024 1.5.13 English

A fantastic cricket simulator with realistic graphics

Archery Clash 0.10.31 English
Archery Clash 0.10.31

Defeat your enemies with ranged weapons

MLB Perfect Inning 23 1.2.1 English

Exquisite baseball simulator licensed by the MLB

FanFight 2.4.1 English
FanFight 2.4.1

Create your team and win prizes whilst having fun

Real Basketball 2.8.3 English

Entertaining basketball game

Australian Open Game 24.0.4 English

The official Australian Open game

Hoop Land 1.05.3 English
Hoop Land 1.05.3

A fun pixelated basketball simulator

Rysen Dawn 1.36 English

Become a streamer and do parkour to gain followers

Sachin Saga Cricket Game 1.4.97 English

Cricket game with over 10 million downloads

Pro Snooker 2024 1.54 English

Enjoy this billiard style in a virtual version

Hockey Nations 18 1.6.6 English

Fun ice hockey game for Android

Real Kite 3.0 English

Compete by flying kites in this simulator

11 Wickets 1.0.5 English
11 Wickets 1.0.5

A soccer and cricket fantasy game with cash prizes

3D Pool Ball English
3D Pool Ball

Pool simulator with 3D effects

Madden NFL 24 Mobile 8.7.1 English

Play American football with the official NFL game from EA Sports

Pool Ace 1.21.1 English
Pool Ace 1.21.1

An addictive, accessible, and complete billiards simulator

Cricket Fly 1.3.18 English
Cricket Fly 1.3.18

The futuristic version of cricket

Shooting Archery 3.26 English

An archery simulator

MyTeam11 4.1.64 English
MyTeam11 4.1.64

A fantasy cricket game

MLB 9 Innings 23 9.0.3 English

Baseball game with official licenses

EA SPORTS MLB Tap Baseball 23 23.6.4 English

Play baseball like a professional

T20 Cricket Champions 3D 1.8.354 English

A highly realistic cricket game

CrickMazza11 9.0 English

Manage your own cricket team

Golf Rival 2.87.1 English
Golf Rival 2.87.1

Play golf with people around the world

Grand Mountain Adventure 1.227 English

An appealing ski game

Stickman Tennis 2.4 English

A fun arcade-style tennis game

Real Boxing 2.10.0 English
Real Boxing 2.10.0

The best boxing simulator for Android

World Cricket Battle 2 3.1.10 English

Show your talent as a cricketer

Gamezer 1.0.7 English
Gamezer 1.0.7

Passion for billiards in your pocket

I'm Ping Pong King 2.8 English

Entertaining table tennis game

Virtua Tennis Challenge 1.6.0 English

All the excitement of tennis on your phone

Mini Tennis 1.7.3 English

A cute tennis simulator with big-headed characters

Slam Dunk 10.4 English
Slam Dunk 10.4

Official manga and anime basketball game

PBA Bowling Challenge 3.8.62 English

A bowling simulator for Android

Boxing Star 5.6.0 English

Excellent boxing game for Android

Golf Battle 2.7.2 English

Entertaining online multiplayer golf game

Stickman Skate Battle 2.3.4 English

Entertaining skate game for Android

Basketball Battle 2.4.6 English

1 vs 1 basketball duels

Table Tennis Touch English

The best table tennis game for Android

MMA Fighting Clash 2.1.5 English

Knock out your opponents in epic MMA fights

Homerun Battle 2 English

Become the best batter in the league

Tony Hawk's Skate Jam 1.2.6 English

Skating game supported by Tony Hawk

Cricket T20 Fever 96 English

Feel all the excitement of cricket

World Cricket Championship Lt 5.7.4 English

Enjoy the best cricket on your Android

Vector 2.1.0 English
Vector 2.1.0

Negotiate all sorts of obstacles to be free

Basketball Shoot 1.19.47 English

Take non-stop basketball shots

BatBall11 3.10.4 English
BatBall11 3.10.4

Form a team with real athletes and win prizes

Rugby Nations 24 English

Manage your own team and play rugby with the pros

Pro Feel Golf 3.0.0 English

A golf simulator in realistic surroundings

Pool Billiards Pro 4.5 English

Play 8-ball and 9-ball pool

Ultimate Tennis 3.16.4417 English
Ultimate Tennis 3.16.4417

Tennis game that combines simulation and RPG

Basket Battle 2.0 English

The craziest PvP basketball games

Streetball Allstar 1.4.24 English

Entertaining 3x3 street basketball games

Hoop World 1.57 English

Make the most amazing dunks

Howzat 7.17.0 English
Howzat 7.17.0

Show what you know about cricket with this Fantasy game

Basketball Arena 1.109.1 English

Fun basketball games with big-headed characters

MTB DownHill 1.0.24 English
MTB DownHill 1.0.24

Descend the mountain on a bicycle

Bike Mayhem 1.6.2 English

Conquer the mountain on your bike

World of Cricket 11.9 English

Do you have what it takes to become a cricket star?

Ice Hockey 3D 2.0.2 English

Ice hockey game for Android

Billiards City 3.0.82 English

You'll think that you're really playing pool

Tennis 3D 1.8.6 English
Tennis 3D 1.8.6

Play tennis with your finger

Bowling King 1.50.19 English
Bowling King 1.50.19

Really entertaining bowling game for Android

Bike Clash English
Bike Clash

Mountain bike simulator with realistic graphics

Tap Tap Run 1.16.1 English
Tap Tap Run 1.16.1

Compete in track and field races against the fastest runners

Mini Basketball 1.5.7 English

Play basketball with big-headed characters

Epic Skater 2.1.148 English
Epic Skater 2.1.148

Unadventurous skateboarding simulator

Climb! A Mountain in Your Pocket 4.0.5 English

Climb breathtaking mountains with the strength of your arms

MMA Manager 0.35.9 English
MMA Manager 0.35.9

Train up MMA fighters

Bowling Crew 1.64 English

Go bowling on your Android against other players

Galaxy Bowling 3D 12.8 English

An entertaining bowling game for Android

Basketball Stars 1.42.0 English

A street basketball game

WGT Golf 1.96.1 English
WGT Golf 1.96.1

Golf game with realistic graphics

PEPI Skate 3D 64 English

Dodge obstacles on your skateboard

Sorare 4.1.13 English
Sorare 4.1.13

Design your own Soccer, NBA, or MLB team and compete with your card collection

Billiards Master 1.3.9 English

Play pool like a pro

Summer Sports Events 1.6 English

The Summer Olympics start on your mobile phone

Basketball Slam 2.67 English

The most fun version of basketball

Basketball Life 3D 1.60 English

More than 30 basketball mini-games

Bike Unchained 2 3.26.0 English

Exciting mountain bike races

Fishing and Life 0.0.174 English

Rest from life fishing in the sea

Fighting Revolution 2.2.3 English

3D MMA game for Android

Rugby League 22 English
Rugby League 22

Play rugby (almost) like a pro on your cell phone

Head Basketball 3.3.5 English

Play basketball one on one

Snowboard Party: World Tour 1.7.2 English

Glide across the snow on your snowboard

Stickman Surfer 1.0 English

Surf, skate, drive and enjoy in this fun game for Android

Billabong Surf Trip 4.01 English

A surfing game from the popular sports brand

Fishing Hook 2.4.9 English

A fun fishing simulator for Android

Punch Boxing 3D 1.1.6 English

Become the next boxing legend

Franchise Hockey 2022 6.1.0 English
Franchise Hockey 2022 6.1.0

Card-based ice hockey game for Android

Stickman Ice Hockey 2.4 English

Entertaining ice hockey game

Fanatical Basketball 1.0.11 English

Authentic basketball on your Android

Virtual Table Tennis 3D 2.7.10 English

Play ping pong on your Android

Paper Toss 2.1.1 English
Paper Toss 2.1.1

The most universal indoor sport

Pitwall 1.2.1 English
Pitwall 1.2.1

Manage Formula 1 drivers

iBasket 11.0.9 English
iBasket 11.0.9

Score the maximum number of baskets in 90 seconds

Baseball Club 1.24.2 English

Online Baseball Game

World Cricket Champions League 0.9 English

Play cricket in the best leagues

Equestrian The Game 50.0.2 English

An equestrian simulator where we get to care for and compete with our horses

Street Basketball Association English

Play street basketball

Real Badminton World Champion 1.07 English

A fantastic badminton simulator with excellent graphics

Baseball Clash 1.2.0026102 English
Baseball Clash 1.2.0026102

Spectacular multiplayer 3D baseball simulator

LiNing Jump Smash Badminton 1.3.10 English

Spectacular badminton game with realistic 3D graphics

BMX FE3D 2 1.50 English

Ride your cross bike and do spectacular stunts

Snooker 5.7 English
Snooker 5.7

The snooker in simplified version

Real Snooker 3D 1.16 English

Show off your skills in the virtual version of the snooker

Ultimate Golf! 4.06.06 English

Feel all the excitement of golf in this 3D simulator

Live Cycling Race 1.6 English

Pedal without stopping and get the first one to the finish line

Retro Bowl 1.6.0 English
Retro Bowl 1.6.0

All the excitement of American football in retro style

Tennis Clash 5.1.0 English

An entertaining tennis simulator for Android

Fishing Superstar 5.9.41 English

Dynamic fishing game for Android

Ice Rage 1.0.57 English
Ice Rage 1.0.57

A one on one hockey game

Snowboard Party 1.10.0 English

Slide down the mountain in your snowboard

Rival Stars Horse Racing 1.48.1 English

Care for and train your horses

Fishing Clash 1.0.281 English
Fishing Clash 1.0.281

Recreational fishing on your phone

Mini Golf King 3.61.2 English

Play games of mini golf online

Golf Clash 2.51.1 English
Golf Clash 2.51.1

The best golf app for your Android