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By downloading Vector 2 you'll have to flee negotiating obstacles if you want to be free. Run around the city in Vector with movements inspired on Parkour


Negotiate all sorts of obstacles to be free

March 12, 2024
9 / 10

Parkour is a discipline inspired on military obstacle course training. It has been adapted to urban environments and its enthusiasts try to make fluid and harmonious movements. Vector is a game inspired on this practice that basically consists in not being caught.

Flee to be free

In Vector you will be a man fed up of living in a totalitarian society in the purest 1984 style who will have to flee from a kind of Thought Police that tries to catch him. To do so, you will have to avoid all sorts of obstacles running, sliding, jumping and climbing. But this isn't just another obstacles arcade as the synchronisation of movements is essential. Therefore, sometimes you will be faced with real brain teasers.

Features of Vector 2

  • More than a hundred movements inspired on the urban sport Parkour.
  • More than thirty different levels with growing difficulty.
  • Control with only one finger.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Realistic movements.
  • Rendered graphics.

Other games have already been based on Parkour

Vector isn't the only game that has developed out of Parkour. The movements of this urban sport have been used in action games such as Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed or Mirror's Edge, among others.

Don't hesitate about downloading Vector free for Android and negotiate obstacles for your freedom.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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