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Fishing Strike for Android is a rather different sports game to what we're used to. Have fun fishing in the ocean and collecting different species

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There's life beyond soccer, basketball, and football in the world of sports. There are certain sports that aren't so popular and that some people don't even consider them a sport as is the case of golf or fishing. The first ones we mentioned obviously have hundreds of different games and there's much more competition but even the oddest sports can land on Android in the form of a mobile game. Fishing Strike is the perfect example.

It's a really ambitious fishing game with surprising 3D graphics and that's considered as one of the best in its genre although that can't be too difficult either.

The FIFA or NBA Live of the fishing universe, now on your phone.

Main features of Fishing Strike

If you're fed up with all the hype and stress generated by Fortnite, bored of running around after a ball trying to win the Champions League with your team, or zombie survival games are no longer your cup of tea, spend your free time with a much more relaxing activity such as fishing. This game includes all the options and features necessary to make the most of this hobby:

  • We can fish up to five hundred different species of fish with a very realistic aspect and each one in their real-life habitat.
  • We can improve our fishing skills as we advance.
  • We can create our own aquarium and bring it to life with the VR mode.
  • Realistic graphics and well-crafted undersea environments.
  • The online mode allows us to share the experience with the rest of fishermen around the world.
Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Netmarble Corporation
6 months ago
265.1 MB

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