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Touchgrind Skate 2 is a great skate game where you control the board with your fingers as a fingerboard and you have to perform all kinds of tricks

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No matter how much you do or have done with skateboarding, you have to admit that we are a long way from the Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen. However, we can become real fingerboarding experts with Touchgrind Skate 2.

A fantastic skate game for your fingers

It is a game that replicates the skateboarding experience but it is finger controlled in an environment that emulates reality. It only takes a couple of minutes to start performing tricks like one of the best skateboarders on the planet, passing through progressive difficulty levels where you will have to execute the tricks you are asked to perform in order to complete the challenges.

Ollies, shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, powerslides, stalls, drops, and more, you will find all the skateboarding tricks in this game.

These are the main features it offers:

  • Realistic physics-based skateboarding performance.
  • 3 game modes are available: training, competition, and jam session.
  • Video tutorials
  • Native multi-touch controls.
  • Three different skateparks.
  • Over 100 challenges to master and all kinds of elements to unlock: ramps, boxes, rails, boards and more.
  • Automatic detection of the executed trick.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Illusion Labs
Over a year ago
323.9 MB

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