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1.40 Downloading Hotspot Shield guarantees the security of your data when connected to public and private networks. Browse peacefully with Hotspot Shield for Mac
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Connecting to the Internet by means of a VPN proxy makes your connection more secure. Gain in security as well as in privacy with your connections to Wi-Fi networks with Hotspot Shield for Mac.

Secure access to public Internet connections

Hotspot Shield VPN becomes essential when we want to access the Internet by means of a public Wi-Fi network. This tool will increase the security and privacy of the connection and can also provide us free access to websites that are usually restricted.

Browse on public networks without worries.


  • Guarantee your data, personal information and online purchases with HTTPS encryption.
  • Protection against phishing.
  • Guarantee your private browsing.
  • Access online contents without restrictions.
  • Protect yourself against onlookers with indecent intentions at public Wi-Fi access points such as hotels, airports or universities.
  • Efficient for both wireless and cable connections.

Download Hotspot Shield free for Mac if you want to enjoy a secure and 100% private connection wherever you go.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version has certain limitations.
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