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Protect your digital life with Surfshark, a VPN that encrypts your communications and masks your IP address. Enjoy a safer Internet without any restrictions


VPN service for Mac

January 13, 2021
9 / 10

Are you aware of VPN services and what they’re for? This kind of tool allows us to browse the Internet in a much safer and anonymous manner by encrypting our data traffic and hiding our local IP address. And why would we want to do that? Very simple: you’ve probably heard about spying on communications, censoring contents, the theft of personal and banking data, tracking and monitoring our activity… Surfshark is the perfect service to protect ourselves against all these problems and make our digital life a much safer and more upright environment.

What can we do with Surfshark?

These are some of the most practical things we can do with this tool:

  • Encrypt our web traffic: anyone can spy on what you do on your Mac by looking at your inbound and outbound web traffic. This VPN encrypts that content with one of the most powerful encryption algorithms around so that nobody can snoop on your activities.
  • Browse anonymously: your IP address gives you away on the Internet. By connecting through any of the hundreds of Surfshark servers distributed around the world, you can pretend to be physically anywhere else other than your own living room.
  • Access restricted contents: this aspect is very important for two reasons. Are you in a country where the government censors contents? You can bypass that restriction. Can’t watch a YouTube video or a movie or series on a multimedia streaming platform due to geographical restrictions? You know, that typical messages saying that the content isn’t available in your country… Forget about any more bans, you can access whatever you want without any trouble.
  • Avoid advert trackers: everything you do on the Internet is registered in one way or another, usually for commercial purposes, but also for other purposes that are as bad… Prevent anyone from tracking your activity and data which can be turned into a non-stop barrage of annoying adverts.
  • P2P without risks: P2P transfers are gradually being persecuted. If you’re in a location where using file transfer platforms may be a problem, you should be interested in subscribing to this service to protect your anonymity and safety when downloading content without any risks.

If you’re concerned about accessing a safer Internet with more freedom, now that the rights of Internet users are at stake more than ever, Surfshark is one of the best VPN solutions on the market. Get hold of its Mac client right now and make the most of the many advantages of browsing the Internet anonymously.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: macOS 10.12
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