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Hotspot Shield VPN allows you to browse the Internet from your tablet or smartphone with full anonymity and letting you access censored or restricted webs

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When it comes to browsing the Internet, our security has become an essential issue. Data theft or the breach of our privacy are usual incidents, regardless of what devices we use to access the Internet: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone...

Apart from antiviruses to keep malware at bay, one of the measures that can help us to browse the Internet safely is doing so through a VPN. How? What's a VPN and what's it for? Well, it's a virtual private network that the device connects to, filtering all the browsing data and spoofing the original IP in order to protect the user's anonymity.

Hotspot Shield for Android: the PC classic now also on your phone

This tool has been around on computers for quite some time and it now works exactly the same on Android. In other worlds, Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security allows you to do the following:

  • Browse the Internet anonymously spoofing your IP and hiding your identity and location from trackers.
  • Avoid geographical restrictions regarding censored or blocked webs due to copyrights (we bet that on more than an occasion you haven't been able to watch a video on YouTube because the content wasn't available in your country).
  • Access public WiFi networks in a secure manner without exposing your data.
  • Compress your bandwidth to speed up your browsing speed and save money on your data plan.

Connecting to the Internet through a proxy is beneficial for your privacy.

Furthermore, the application doesn't track any user or save a registry of his or her activity. It also comes along with the largest VPN coverage with AnchorFree technology that provides us with 20 virtual locations, simulating places such as the USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada or China.

We also have to mention that it's a freemium product. That means that we can use many of its functions for free but to be able to enjoy all the features without restrictions, we have to sign up as an elite user. The latter can be tried out for 7 days in a trial version.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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