Security Applications for Android

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

ExpressVPN 11.47.1 English
ExpressVPN 11.47.1

A fast and reliable VPN service

Turbo VPN 4.0.8 English
Turbo VPN 4.0.8

An efficient, free VPN that is as fast as a hare

NordVPN 6.35.1 English
NordVPN 6.35.1

A comprehensive, efficient, and reliable VPN

Hola Free VPN Proxy 1.216.131 English

Browse freely, anonymously, and without censorship

OpenVPN 0.7.51 English
OpenVPN 0.7.51

Connect to a VPN server to protect your connection

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus 24.9.0 English

Avast's antivirus for Android

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus English

Protect your Android with Kaspersky technology

AppLock 5.9.3 English
AppLock 5.9.3

Protect your privacy on Android

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.11.2 English

The app to block invasisve adverts

Copy My Data 3.1.0 English

App for transferring data between devices

Alfred 2024.7.2 English
Alfred 2024.7.2

Keep an eye on your home with your old smartphones

Blokada 24.1.2 English
Blokada 24.1.2

Block invasive adverts when browsing on Android

ESET Mobile Security English

Keep your data and your cell phone protected with ESET

AVG AntiVirus 24.7.0 English

AVG’s free antivirus for Android

Microsoft Authenticator 6.2404.2872 English

Microsoft's two-step verification system

Find My Device 3.1.000-4 English
Find My Device 3.1.000-4

Find your lost phone and lock it or erase its data

Cerberus 3.6.4 English
Cerberus 3.6.4

Protect and track your smartphone if it is lost or stolen

Vivint 24.5.400 English
Vivint 24.5.400

Control your smart home security system from your smartphone

Huawei Backup English
Huawei Backup

Huawei's app to create backups

Nest English

Google's video surveillance and home automation control app

Psiphon Pro 393 English

VPN to bypass online censorship

Norton 360 English
Norton 360

Norton Antivirus for Android

Google Authenticator 6.0 English

Your Google account, much safer with two-step verification

Avira Antivirus Security 7.23.0 English

Avira Antivirus for Android devices

TrackView FindMyDevices 3.7.08 English

Find your smartphone on the map

McAfee Security English
McAfee Security

Protect your mobile against malicious software

Titanium Backup English

App to make backup copies of what you have stored on your Android device

Twilio Authy 24.14.6 English
Twilio Authy 24.14.6

Improve the security of your cell phone with the double-check

Yoosee 6.23.1 English
Yoosee 6.23.1

Watch your home through wifi cameras

Hidden Eye 1.9.22 English
Hidden Eye 1.9.22

Discover who tried to unlock your phone

Xmeye English

Check your security cameras

Bitwarden 2024.5.1 English
Bitwarden 2024.5.1

Manage all your passwords from a single app

Dashlane 6.2418.0 English
Dashlane 6.2418.0

Your passwords more secure than ever

1Password 8.10.32-44 English
1Password 8.10.32-44

An efficient and safe password manager for Android

Secure VPN 4.2.6 English
Secure VPN 4.2.6

Browse safely and privately with this VPN application

HideX English

A tool to protect your files and browing on Android

Mayi VPN 316 English

Protect your privacy while browsing with your Android

Ostrich VPN 1.19.0 English
Ostrich VPN 1.19.0

A feature-rich tool to enhance the security of your internet connection

Lantern VPN 7.8.6 English

A VPN to improve your online experience 6.33 English 6.33

Improve and strengthen your mobile internet connection

HaloVPN 14.2.0 English
HaloVPN 14.2.0

Protect your Internet connection with a single tap

APNA Tunnel JM 35 English

VPN for a faster and more secure internet connection

Galaxy VPN 2.3.8 English
Galaxy VPN 2.3.8

VPN service to use the Internet with privacy

GreenNet VPN 1.6.64 English
GreenNet VPN 1.6.64

Collection of tools to protect your connection and data whilst browsing

vpnify 2.1.7 English
vpnify 2.1.7

Surf the internet anonymously

LetsVPN 2.22.0 English
LetsVPN 2.22.0

Navigate freely while protecting your privacy English

VPN specializing in Latin-American servers

Surfshark VPN 3.6.2 English

An app that features a VPN and a complete security suite

Postern 3.1.3 English
Postern 3.1.3

Set the traffic of your Android

Maple VPN 1.4 English

VPN for a more secure mobile internet connection

Hook VPN 1.0 English

Easy-to-use VPN for a more secure Internet connection

Tenso VPN 1.068 English
Tenso VPN 1.068

Strengthen your online security with one tap

Stolitomson VPN 2.1.6 English

Complete, easy-to-use and efficient VPN

Zoo VPN 2.7 English
Zoo VPN 2.7

Straightforward and stable VPN for a more secure Internet connection

KUTO VPN 2.2.17 English
KUTO VPN 2.2.17

A fantastic virtual private network for Android

ClearVPN 3.0.0 English
ClearVPN 3.0.0

An efficient VPN for optimal browsing

Xd VPN 22.0 English
Xd VPN 22.0

VPN service for a more secure and stable Internet connection

Kahf Guard 1.6.3 English
Kahf Guard 1.6.3

An easy-to-use VPN for Muslims

ProtonVPN English

A free, safe, and fast VPN

Wang VPN 2.2.20 English
Wang VPN 2.2.20

Browse safely and without restrictions

NotVPN 7.6 English
NotVPN 7.6

An efficient VPN with application blacklisting

Octohide VPN 2.161 English

A secure, stable, and fast VPN

U-VPN 3.9.7 English
U-VPN 3.9.7

Connect to the internet without the danger

LiveYes 4.2.2 English
LiveYes 4.2.2

Monitor your store or home through remote video cameras

Raxol VPN 1.6.25 English
Raxol VPN 1.6.25

Simple and hassle-free VPN for a more secure connection

VPN Fast English
VPN Fast

A simple VPN that is free, fast, and unlimited

Shenzo VPN 9 English

VPN for a secure, private, and unlimited connection

SocksDroid 1.0.3 English
SocksDroid 1.0.3

A SOCKS5 client for Android

Ryn VPN 55.4.6 English
Ryn VPN 55.4.6

Free and unlimited virtual private network service

SecVPN 6.0.077 English
SecVPN 6.0.077

Free, comprehensive, and easy-to-use VPN

SecureNet VPN 8.5 English

An easy-to-connect, high-speed VPN

Thunder VPN 5.1.13 English
Thunder VPN 5.1.13

VPN app to protect your privacy and browse with more freedom

Windscribe VPN 3.76.1373 English
Windscribe VPN 3.76.1373

Protect your online privacy by connecting to a proxy

WireGuard 1.0.20231018 English
WireGuard 1.0.20231018

An open source VPN for advanced users

Candy VPN 3.80 English
Candy VPN 3.80

Minimalist VPN for more secure and private internet access

Astrill VPN 3.12.20 English
Astrill VPN 3.12.20

VPN service for Android

Dolphin VPN 27.0 English

Straightforward, hassle-free VPN

JetVPN 6.7 English
JetVPN 6.7

A comprehensive VPN featuring everything you need

Free VPN Proxy by Betternet 7.14.0 English

Connect to the Internet in a secure incognito mode

Dragon VPN 1.5 English

A fierce and straightforward VPN

Alliance Shield X 0.9.12 English

Manage everything related to your Samsung apps

Cloud VPN 2.2.5 English
Cloud VPN 2.2.5

Hide your IP and browse anonymously

VPN Drop 2.0.6 English
VPN Drop 2.0.6

A simple and hassle-free VPN

Pronghorn VPN 2.3.4 English

An unlimited virtual private network

CatWatchful 13.0 English

Parental control app for spying on mobile phone activity

VPN Satoshi 2.2.92 English
VPN Satoshi 2.2.92

A straightforward, easy-to-use VPN with no advertisements

Suba VPN 8 English

A proxy server with strong encryption

NightVision Proxy 1.1.1 English

Secure connections to keep our online anonymity

VPN OpenLiner 1.1.0 English

A straightforward, free, and unlimited VPN

Give VPN 2.0 English

A simple tool for a more secure internet connection

Unique VPN 1.5.1 English
Unique VPN 1.5.1

Secure the internet connection from your Android

PureVPN 8.65.54 English
PureVPN 8.65.54

Security first and foremost in your internet connection

VPN Canada English
VPN Canada

Unlimited virtual private network

BeePass VPN 1.6.0 English

Get a more secure and private Internet connection

QuickVPN 1.17 English
QuickVPN 1.17

Connect to the Internet privately using a VPN

AdGuard VPN 2.3.110 English
AdGuard VPN 2.3.110

Surf the web protected by a VPN

IPVanish VPN English
IPVanish VPN

Browse the Internet freely and anonymously

CM Security 5.1.8 English

Android antivirus with advanced optimization and privacy functions

Hotspot Shield VPN 10.13.2  English

Hotspot Shield's VPN application for Android

Solo VPN 2.0.5-2023042826 English
Solo VPN 2.0.5-2023042826

Surf the Internet with freedom and privacy

TunnelBear VPN 4.2.2 English

An efficient and useful app with a unique design

GreenVPN 2.1.0 English
GreenVPN 2.1.0

VPN for a more secure and stable internet connection

VyprVPN 5.1.0 English
VyprVPN 5.1.0

Make the most a private browsing experience with this VPN

360 Security - Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner English

Improve the performance of your Android and protect it against malware

Cali VPN 2 English

VNP for a more secure and hassle-free connection

Giti VPN 1.3 English

A simple and effective VPN for a more secure internet connection

Leaf VPN 1.35 English
Leaf VPN 1.35

Straightforward, minimalist VPN

Tower VPN 1.19 English
Tower VPN 1.19

Proxy servers with limitations

XY VPN 4.8.022 English
XY VPN 4.8.022

A free and secure VPN for your Android

SMS Backup & Restore 10.20.002 English

Create a backup copy of your messages

Lion 41 English
Lion 41

A VPN for a more secure mobile internet connection

Power VPN 2.1 English

Access blocked webpages and browse securely

VPN Monster English
VPN Monster

Enjoy safe browsing on your Android

Man VPN 4 English

Simple and efficient VPN with proxy servers in the US

Ultimate VPN 1.4.5 English

Protect your connection with a VPN

ProxyDroid 2.7.7 English
ProxyDroid 2.7.7

Set up a proxy on your Android

Speedify English

Faster, safer, and more anonymous browsing

X-VPN 203.2 English
X-VPN 203.2

Protect your identity on the Internet

Finu VPN 33.0 English
Finu VPN 33.0

VPN to browse the Internet more securely

Turbo VPN Lite English

A VPN as fast as a hare

Hybrid VPN 1.1.11 English
Hybrid VPN 1.1.11

Connect to the internet securely

PotatoVPN 61.1 English
PotatoVPN 61.1

VPN for protecting your internet connection

TipTop VPN 1.021 English
TipTop VPN 1.021

A fast, secure, and ad-free VPN proxy

Slice VPN 1.307 English
Slice VPN 1.307

VPN for a more secure mobile internet connection

Jo Jo VIP VPN 40.0 English

Free VPN connection tailored to your needs

HulaVPN Pro 9.4.0 English

A very complete and easy to use VPN

Ivacy VPN 7.1.10 English
Ivacy VPN 7.1.10

Safe and unrestricted browsing

Tak VPN 4.0 English
Tak VPN 4.0

Powerful, easy, and fast

SuperVPN 2.9.5 English
SuperVPN 2.9.5

Protect your online activity with a VPN app

TrackView 3.7.06 English
TrackView 3.7.06

Turn any device into a security camera

Zoog VPN 3.5.3 English
Zoog VPN 3.5.3

A feature-packed VPN that lacks (almost) nothing

Share VPN 1.0.5 English
Share VPN 1.0.5

Protect your online identity with this VPN app

Npv Tunnel 98.0.0 English
Npv Tunnel 98.0.0

Browse the internet safely and anonymously thanks to Npv Tunnel

Nab VPN 4.0 English
Nab VPN 4.0

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use VPN

Mix VPN 1.0.27 English
Mix VPN 1.0.27

An app featuring a VPN, an ad-blocker, and other complementary functions

Alight VPN 3.7 English

A simple and easy-to-use VPN

Google Play Protect S.8.playstore.pixel3.421847271 English
Google Play Protect S.8.playstore.pixel3.421847271

Google's antivirus that integrates into your services

VPN Malaysia English
VPN Malaysia

A complete, free, and unlimited VPN for Android

AVG Secure VPN 2.71.6560 English
AVG Secure VPN 2.71.6560

A complete VPN for Android phones

HitVPN 1.0-121 English
HitVPN 1.0-121

A fast VPN from Russia

WaVPN 2.0 English
WaVPN 2.0

Simple but effective VPN

CoolVPN Pro 1.0.274 English
CoolVPN Pro 1.0.274

A simple, efficient, and very feature-rich VPN

VPN Lumos 1.33.42 English
VPN Lumos 1.33.42

VPN for a more secure and efficient internet connection

Tomato VPN 2.88.18 English
Tomato VPN 2.88.18

A joyful way to surf the Internet securely and without restrictions

USA VPN 1.115 English
USA VPN 1.115

Browse with privacy with this VPN service

Browsec VPN - Free and Unlimited VPN 4.85 English

Browse the Internet safely and anonymously

Ultrasurf 3.0.6 English
Ultrasurf 3.0.6

More privacy and safety when accessing the Internet

Stark VPN Reloaded 5.5 English

Surf protected by a VPN with no data usage limits

Dr.Fone English

Recover your accidentally deleted data on your smartphone

Xiaoming VPN 5.1.2 English

Use this VPN to protect your Internet session