Anti-theft Applications for Android

Our different anti-theft applications can help you to block your Android smartphone or tablet and even locate it in the event of loss or theft

Find My Device 2.4.033 English

Locate your phone and lock it or delete its data

Find My Phone Whistle 6.3.8 English

Find your phone by whistling

Have I Been Pwned 1.9 English

How to find out if your email or passwords have been compromised

Cerberus 3.6.4 English
Cerberus 3.6.4

Protect and track your smartphone if it is lost or stolen

SIM Checker Lite 1.4 English
SIM Checker Lite 1.4

Locate your Android smartphone if it gets stolen

Antitheft Droid WEB 2.3 English

Keep your Android device always located

Where's My Droid 6.5.3 English

Find out where your Android is