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hide.me VPN for Android provides us with a fake IP address and virtual private network to always connect to the Internet safely and protect our user data

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February 23, 2022
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The sale of private data and their illegal use has become a trend on the Internet. All users are aware and try to protect their privacy and data to the max when it comes to browsing. One of the best ways to remain anonymous whilst online is connecting through a virtual private network or VPN, and nowadays there are hundreds of Android applications that allow us to use them by simply tapping a button as is the case of hide.me VPN.

Connect to the Internet by means of a VPN network to protect your data and privacy.

Main features of hide.me

This VPN application includes all the options necessary to grant the user with a safe Internet connection, without fearing about having his or her data stolen:

  • Browse the Internet and download files anonymously.
  • Automatic server selection service that allows us to connect to the fastest one.
  • Possibility to connect to a safe VPN proxy server by simply tapping a button.
  • Application compatible with the IKEv2 protocol that always offers us a stable data encryption.
  • Access to services and webs censored in the user's geographical area.
  • The service doesn't keep any registries of the connections of its users.
  • A random ID address is provided, allowing us to hide our real one from data thieves.
  • If our Internet connection gets interrupted, the app will reconnect automatically once it comes back.

Requirements and additional information:

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