Privacy Applications for Android

These privacy applications for Android will help you to keep your personal details and identity away from the dangers lurking on the Internet

Microsoft Authenticator 6.2404.2872 English

Microsoft's two-step verification system

Google Authenticator 6.0 English

Your Google account, much safer with two-step verification

Twilio Authy 24.14.6 English
Twilio Authy 24.14.6

Improve the security of your cell phone with the double-check

HideX English

A tool to protect your files and browing on Android

Alliance Shield X 0.9.12 English

Manage everything related to your Samsung apps

Chamelephon 1.0 English

Tool to change your IMEI on your smartphone

Spoof Card 3.3.1 English
Spoof Card 3.3.1

Hide your identity when you make a phone call

Remote Fingerprint Unlock 1.6.3 English

Unlock your computer with your fingerprint

Camera Block 1.91 English

Control which apps have access to your phone's camera

Duo Mobile 4.56.0 English
Duo Mobile 4.56.0

Protect access to your user accounts with dual authentication

Cell Spy Catcher 3.5.3 English

Protect your Android from IMSI Catchers

Vault English

Manage your money and payments from this app

Protectstar Anti Spy 3.0.5 English

Anti-spyware scanner for Android

Warden 1.0.3 English
Warden 1.0.3

Application manager for Android

Nebulo 2.0.5 English
Nebulo 2.0.5

Safeguard your DNS queries sent to the target server

Intruder Selfie 1.3.5 English

Who tried to unlock your cell phone without permission?

Onavo Protect English
Onavo Protect

Limit the data consumption of your apps

Anti Spy Mobile English
Anti Spy Mobile

Scanner for spy applications

Vigilante 1.2.7 English
Vigilante 1.2.7

Improve your privacy on Android

WTMP - Who touched my phone? 6.4.4 English

Find out who took your phone and when

G Data Internet Security English

Maximum security for your Android

UC Vault 2.5.3 English
UC Vault 2.5.3

A vault for keeping your files secure

S Secure 5.0.05 English
S Secure 5.0.05

Protect your mobile from online threats

Incognito Spyware Detector 2.20.3 English

Make sure no one is spying your Android

Access Dots AD_3.6 English
Access Dots AD_3.6

Are you using my camera and microphone without my permission?

Intra 1.3.4 English
Intra 1.3.4

Protection against Android DNS tampering

Samsung Security Policy Update 6.0.02 English

The Samsung app with privacy and security policies

2FAS Authenticator 5.2.0 English

Two-step verification system for smartphones

IMEI 2.1.6 English
IMEI 2.1.6

Get to know the IMEI of your phone

RedPhone 2.0 English

Completely secure calling on Android

Tracker Detect 1.1 English

Find AirTags and avoid being spied on

Okta Verify 7.5.1 English

Two-step verification system for Android Authenticator 1.5.5 English

Protect your accounts with the 2FA system

UntrackMe 1.30.0 English
UntrackMe 1.30.0

A tool for safeguarding your privacy

Unseen 2.6.9 English
Unseen 2.6.9

Read messages on your messaging apps without anyone knowing

KeepLock 5.0.5 English
KeepLock 5.0.5

Keep intruders out of your Android

Umbrella 1.0.32 English
Umbrella 1.0.32

A comprehensive guide of safety tips and tricks

Silent Phone 6.13 English

Encrypt calls on your Android phone

Silent Text 1.12.3 English
Silent Text 1.12.3

Open a safe communications channel

Hidely 1.0 English
Hidely 1.0

Make your photo collection private

AppLock Screen 7.0 English

Lock your most personal apps

Calculator Lock 1.100 English

Secretly save your files