Privacy Applications for Android

These privacy applications for Android will help you to keep your personal details and identity away from the dangers lurking on the Internet

Onavo Protect English
Onavo Protect

Limit the data consumption of your apps

Spoof Card 3.3.1 English
Spoof Card 3.3.1

Hide your identity when you make a phone call

Chamelephon 1.0 English

Tool to change your IMEI on your smartphone

Your Freedom 20180309-01 English
Your Freedom 20180309-01

Browse the Internet anonymously and without censorship

LEO Privacy Guard 4.7.4 English

Protect your privacy to the max

Anti Spy Mobile English
Anti Spy Mobile

Scanner for spy applications

App Ops 1.9.1 English
App Ops 1.9.1

Manage the permissions of apps

Disconnect 2.0.5 English
Disconnect 2.0.26-release

Make your searches on the Internet anonymous

Shh 2.10.5 English
Shh 2.10.5

Avoid WhatsApp's blue double check

D-Vasive 3.2.4 English
D-Vasive 3.2.4

Avoid losing control of your phone

RedPhone 2.0 English

Totally secure calls on Android

Faceless 1.1 English

Browse securely with your Android

Pry-Fi 1.20 English
Pry-Fi 1.20

Avoid your phone being tracked by spoofing your MAC address

Samsung Secure Folder English

A private folder for your Samsung

Mic Block 1.37 English
Mic Block 1.37

Protect the privacy of your phone conversations

Hidely 1.0 English
Hidely 1.0

Make your photo collection private

Orbot 16.1.0 English
Orbot 16.1.0

Connect your Android to Tor by means of a proxy

BlackBerry Privacy Shade English

Darken the screen of your smartphone to protect your privacy

Privacy Scanner English
Privacy Scanner

Scan your phone searching for spyware

Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner 1.4 English

Find out if your Android is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Norton Family English
Norton Family

Control your kids' online activities

IMEI 2.0.1 English
IMEI 2.0.1

Get to know the IMEI of your phone

Camera Block 1.51 English

Choose which applications can access your camera

Umbrella 0.4.5 English
Umbrella 0.4.5

Complete guide with safety tricks and advice

Screen Shield 1.6.15 English

Protect your smartphone against spyware

G Data Internet Security Light English
G Data Internet Security Light

Maximum security for your Android

Silent Phone 6.2.2 English

Encrypt your calls on Android

Silent Text 1.12.3 English
Silent Text 1.12.3

Open a safe communications channel

NoSpy MyPhone 2.7.3 English

Your privacy in a safe place

Droid Crypt 1.2.30 English
Droid Crypt 1.2.30

Block access to your files and folders

CONAN mobile 0.8.2 English

Audit the potential danger of your applications

Privacy Protector 7.1.2 English

Protect your privacy to the maximum extent

Seecrypt English

Encrypt your phone communications

Clueful 2.6.92 English
Clueful 2.6.92

Protection for your personal data

TUN.ko Installer 2.2 English

Load the tun module necessary to use VPN applications

Prot-On 2.9.5 English
Prot-On 2.9.5

Control how your files are used