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If you were wondering how to figure out the IMEI of your Android, just download this app for free. You'll be able to view your phone's IMEI on your screen

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Knowing the IMEI of your phone is a must when it comes to selling it at an official store or reacting in the case of theft or loss. It's as if were your phone's ID card and it's unique for every single device. Many users don't know how to check this number but thanks to this application we can easily look it up without further complications.

You don't have to do anything, once you open the application your IMEI will appear on your screen. You can copy it or capture the screen with the buttons that appear within the application. As you can see, it's very useful and easy to use.

What happens when your IMEI is locked?

If you lock the IMEI of your phone, the latter won't be valid when it comes to connecting to mobile networks. The process is irreversible and it's recommendable if you have your phone stolen to make sure the thief can't sell your device. However, it doesn't always work as only 44 countries in the entire world have a common database with IMEI numbers. In other words, in countries of the likes of China or Switzerland, our device will be able to connect to mobile networks. Therefore, despite being a rather limited tool, it's still recommendable to dissuade thieves.

You can also use the IMEI of a device to get to know if it's free or has been locked by an operator. Don't forget that nowadays, all phones sold by a telecommunications operator have to be unlocked, so it can be useful to check if that's true or not.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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