Apps for Spying on Mobiles, Surveillance and Keyloggers on Android

Spy on people, look at what they browse or type and turn your smartphone into a security camera thanks to these surveillance applications for Android

Hackers Keylogger 1.1 English

Keep an eye on your smartphone when you aren't around

Spy Phone App English
Spy Phone App

The app to spy Android phones

CatWatchful 9.0 English

Parental control app for spying on mobile phone activity

Spyzie English

Parental control application

IP WebCam 1.13.25 English
IP WebCam 1.13.25

Turn your phone into a webcam

KidLogger 1.5.95 English
KidLogger 1.5.95

Control what your children do with your smartphone

Home Security Camera - Alfred 3.16.6 English

Install your own video surveillance system

tinyCam Monitor 11.0.2 English

Access your security cameras from your Android

iMax Webcam 1.5.26 English
iMax Webcam 1.5.26

Turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera

IP Cam Viewer 6.6.1 English

Control your security camera from your phone

Kids Place 3.4.8 English
Kids Place 3.4.8

Turn your Android into a safe are for kids

MMGuardian 3.6.3 English
MMGuardian 3.6.3

Control what your kids do on their phones

My Verisure 6.1.44 English
My Verisure 6.1.44

Control your home alarm from your phone

Haven: Keep Watch 0.1.0 English

The surveillance app developed by Edward Snowden

Kid's Shell 2.4.8 English

Create a safe space for your kids on any phone

Qustodio English

Parental control application for Android

Kaspersky SafeKids English
Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky's parental control app

ASPYKEE Lite 2.0 English
ASPYKEE Lite 2.0

Keep an eye on your home with the spy robot