The best Surveillance and Parental Control apps for Android

Use your Android phone as a surveillance system, either by setting up your own network of security cameras for your home, monitoring what your children do on their devices, or locating and tracking the phones of vulnerable friends and family members

Alfred 2024.12.0 English
Alfred 2024.12.0

Keep an eye on your home with your old smartphones

Vivint 24.7.400 English
Vivint 24.7.400

Control your smart home security system from your smartphone

Nest English

Google's video surveillance and home automation control app

Xmeye English

Check your security cameras

Yoosee 6.25.1 English
Yoosee 6.25.1

Watch your home through wifi cameras

LiveYes 4.2.2 English
LiveYes 4.2.2

Monitor your store or home through remote video cameras

CatWatchful 13.0 English

Parental control app for spying on mobile phone activity

TrackView 3.7.06 English
TrackView 3.7.06

Turn any device into a security camera

Spyzie English

Parental control application

Iriun 4K Webcam 2.8.8 English

Turn your Android into a webcam

KidLogger 1.5.108 English
KidLogger 1.5.108

Control what your children do with your smartphone

iVCam 7.2.1 English
iVCam 7.2.1

Turn a mobile phone into a PC webcam

FamiSafe English

Complete parental control app for the relief of parents and kids

USB Camera 11.1.1 English
USB Camera 11.1.1

Use a mobile as a camera for your PC

V380 Pro 2.1.04 English
V380 Pro 2.1.04

View the recordings from your cameras

Camy 4.5.3 English
Camy 4.5.3

Set up a live video surveillance system with an old cell phone

YYP2P English

Control IP security cameras with your mobile phone

Hik-Connect English

Create your own security camera system

Arlo Secure 4.13_28660 English
Arlo Secure 4.13_28660

Control your security system from your phone

EZVIZ English

Control your security cameras and digital devices from your phone

HomeSafe View 3.0.4 English

Monitor the Swann DVR Surveillance System

IP Webcam Acid 2.5 English

Use your old Android as a security camera

Dormi 3.4.3 English
Dormi 3.4.3

Turn your Android into a baby monitor

IP WebCam English
IP WebCam

Turn your phone into a webcam

tinyCam Monitor 17.3.4 English

Access your security cameras from your Android

MIPC English

Mobile video surveillance system

XSplit 1.11.2109.2400 English
XSplit 1.11.2109.2400

Turn a smartphone into a high-quality webcam

Ring 3.50.1 English
Ring 3.50.1

Use your phone to see who is on the prowl in your neighborhood

AtHome 5.5.8 English
AtHome 5.5.8

Keep an eye on your house with this app

WardenCam 2.8.27 English
WardenCam 2.8.27

Turn an old cell phone into a security camera

Citizen 0.1170.1 English
Citizen 0.1170.1

Get public safety notifications on your Android

Be Closer 4.5.26 English
Be Closer 4.5.26

Always know the location of your loved ones

GoLocator 2.8.0 English
GoLocator 2.8.0

Immediately locate your loved ones

MMGuardian 3.6.75 English
MMGuardian 3.6.75

Control what your kids do on their phones

Qustodio 182.21.0 English
Qustodio 182.21.0

Parental control application for Android

iMax Webcam 1.5.29 English
iMax Webcam 1.5.29

Turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera

Haven: Keep Watch 0.2.0 English

The surveillance app developed by Edward Snowden