Parental Control and Restriction Applications for Android

With these parental control and restriction applications you'll manage to limit the access to your Android and prevent unwanted people from using it

AppLock 3.3.2 English
AppLock 3.3.2

Protect your privacy on Android

File Locker 1.1.0 English

Protect your files and documents with a password

Block This! 3.0 English

Block invasive adverts in your apps

DNS66 0.6.5 English
DNS66 0.6.5

An efficient adblocker

Fingerprint Scanner 3.0 English

Unlock your phone with your fingerprint

Blokada 5.6.0 English
Blokada 5.6.0

Block invasive adverts when browsing on Android

AdSkip for YouTube English

Skip ads on YouTube

adAway 5.1.0 English
adAway 5.1.0

Browse intrusive adverts when browsing the Internet

KeepSafe 10.2.5 English
KeepSafe 10.2.5

Create a secret photo and video gallery

Samsung Kids Mode English

Child protection mode for Samsung devices

StopAd 1.0.332 English
StopAd 1.0.332

Block adverts in apps and browsers

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.4.1 English

The app to block invasisve adverts

AdLock English

Blocks the most annoying ads

Google Family Link for children & teenagers 1.42.0.X.342346980 English

The App for Parental Control by Google

ParentsKit 2.0.1 English
ParentsKit 2.0.1

Parental control app to monitor children's online activity

Ignore No More 1 English

Force your kids to be responsible

AdFree 0.9.18 English
AdFree 0.9.18

Avoid invasive adverts on your smartphone

Ultra AppLock 5.5 English

Protect your privacy by locking applications

AdClear English

Block adverts and control your data consumption

LOCKit 2.3.58_ww English
LOCKit 2.3.58_ww

Lock access to all your applications

personalDNSfilter English

DNS filter for blocking ads

Calculator - Photo Vault 2.6 English

Hide photos and disguise them as a calculator

NoRoot Firewall 4.0.2 English

Monitor all of your phone's connections

Norton App Lock English
Norton App Lock

Add a security bonus to your Android device

Google Family Link for parents 1.68.0.W.338518634 English
Google Family Link for parents 1.68.0.W.338518634

Control how your kids use their mobile devices

Smart AppLock 4.2.2 English

Add an extra layer of security to your apps

NetGuard 2.280 English
NetGuard 2.280

Block your apps from using data and the Internet

File Hide Expert 3.0.0 English

Hide folders on your Android

IObit Applock 2.5.0 English

Add an extra security layer to your phone

GalleryVault 3.19.5 English
GalleryVault 3.19.5

Hide your photos and videos

FotoX 7.8 English
FotoX 7.8

Hide your photos and videos

Perfect AppLock 8.0.5 English

Protect your apps with a password

Folder Lock 2.5.3 English

Protect all kinds of files on your Android

Andrognito 3.12.0 English
Andrognito 3.12.0

Encrypt all the files on your phone

Gallery Lock 5.1 English

Protect your Android photos and videos

Calculator Vault 2.6.8_534bb8db1 English
Calculator Vault 2.6.8_534bb8db1

Use this calculator to hide other applications

Private Photo Vault 2.3.1 English

Protect your photos and videos from the eyes of others

Safe Gallery 5.5.2 English

Protect your Android's content

Vaulty 4.11.1 release r195700 English
Vaulty 4.11.1 release r195700

Hide your Android videos and photos

Stay Focused 6.0.3 English

Stop being distracted with your smartphone!