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2.7.1_e9e9fa755 Would you like to be able to hide one of your applications from prying eyes and gossip? All we need to do is download the Calculator Vault APK file
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The application vaults offer us a safe and simple system to maintain our privacy on mobile devices. This way, we can prevent someone from taking our smartphone without permission and starting to gossip. With this tool from the Hide Apps studio, we can hide a second desktop with a fake calculator.

Your secret app camera

Calculator Vault is an original app vault that allows us to hide photos, videos and applications in a hidden desktop. This tool will appear in our usual menu with the icon of a calculator. We'll be able to perform all kinds of mathematical operations in it, but when we put our password, the real application will open.

It can help you to hide any application.

The hidden area of the interface is reserved only for our eyes. Here we can import the videos, photos and apps that we want to hide from other people's eyes. To hide the applications we only have to click the icon with the plus (+) symbol on the main screen and look for them.

If what we want to hide are photos and videos, we can do it from the gallery. In addition, we have the option to use the camera included in the app to record videos and take secret photos directly.

If we want to improve the privacy of our Android, hide sensitive information or simply ensure that our files are safe, this app will do us a great service. And all this under the appearance of a (supposedly) innocent calculator.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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Shay O’Toole
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