Photo and Data Backup Apps for Android

With these applications to carry out backups on Android you can keep all your important files and data fully protected with copies for security reasons

GT Recovery 2.8.7 English

App to recover files deleted from your Android

Copy My Data 1.2.6 English

App to transfer data between devices

Titanium Backup 8.1.0 English

Make a backup of your Android

Magic Box 1.1 English

Create backs of your Android device

Helium Desktop 1.0.0 English

The synchronization and backup app

Lemon Wallet 9.2.16 English
Lemon Wallet 9.2.16

Create a backup of your cards

Dumpster 2.16.282t.0014 English
Dumpster 2.16.282t.0014

Recycling bin for Android

Avira Secure Backup English

Store your backups on the cloud

SMS Backup 1.5.11 English
SMS Backup 1.5.11

Store all your text and multimedia messages

Carbon Desktop 1.0.0 English

Make backups of your Android contents without rooting

Nero BackItUp English
Nero BackItUp

Nero's backup solution for Android

G Cloud Backup 6.3.2 English

A backup of your Android on the cloud

APK Extractor 4.2.9 English

Extract the APKs of the apps installed on your phone

MCBackup - My Contacts Backup 2.1.4 English

Keep a safe backup of all your contacts