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Hyper Cards offers us a collection of cards that we can get by opening packs and then use those that are repeated to bargain and trade with our opponents

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Hyper Cards is a game where we will open packs and collect cards featuring cool and weird characters. We will be able to put together a huge collection but, as we know, many of them will be repeated.

Collect and hustle to trade doubled-up cards

If you have ever collected trading cards, you will already know that repeated cards are usually swapped for others. But they are not all the same; some are more valuable because they are rare. This is where your bargaining skills will come into play because you will enter into a back and forth in which you will make your opponent an offer they can't refuse and they will come back with a counter-offer (actually, they can refuse, so you'll have to work at it). You will have three options: reject the offer, ask for a better offer, or accept. All you have to do is press the corresponding button.

The game uses a coin system, so the more cards you get, the more coins you get, and the more coins you get, the more packs you can purchase, and on and it goes in a virtuous cycle.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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