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IDC Games is a platform from where you can download videogames for PC which are sorted into different genres. Download the client and grow your collection


Platform for downloading video games for PC

May 26, 2020
7 / 10

We all know that the Internet has revolutionized commerce, offering new platforms and formats for distributing stuff. Software and video-game platforms are a part of all this, having found in online shopping the perfect way to distribute while at the same time cutting costs.

Discover and download new games

IDC Games is a platform which, despite not being able to compete with others like Steam or Origin at the moment, offers an extensive catalog of titles from small studios who would be having a tough time reaching users if it weren't for online stores.

You just need to register as a user to be able to use different ways of accessing not only the game catalog but also news, guides, gameplay and forums for sharing impressions and opinions with other users. This client manages downloads, updates and the complete library of games purchased.

Download the IDC client now and discover all kinds of new games: action, sports, adventure, arcade...

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