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Entertainment is assured with iNet Parchis. Play ludo online with your friends and enjoy this great pastime on your computer. Download iNet Parchis for free

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One of the classic table games is Parcheesi/Ludo, a fun entertainment that we will now be able to play virtually with iNet Parchis, the recreation of the famous game that will allow us to enjoy this game with our friends via Internet.

  If you kill someone you advance 20 squares, if you get three sixes in a row you die and move back to start... rules that everyone knows and that now the game will take charge of calculating so that nobody can cheat. Thus, getting all your counters to the central square will be your only goal.

  Furthermore, iNet Parchis has several expansion packs that will allow you to make the game more enjoyable. These vary from new boards with different shapes, a pack of different dice, new counters,... you'll be able to download all these contents after the installation.

  The graphics are more than enough for a board game like this, with just enough animations and sounds to accompany each game. Thus, thanks to this software we will be able to enjoy this brilliant pastime without having to leave home and with friends that are kilometers away.
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