Infostat is a program for PC to obtain statistical analyses and descriptive graphics with huge possibilities in the educational and research fields


Software for statistical analysis

January 25, 2019
8 / 10

Statistics is a field that many students and professionals from different social and scientific branches find very hard and tiresome. Luckily enough there are loads of interesting tools that make our work easier and cover our needs. One of them is this Infostat, a program that we can use as an alternative to Statgraphics.

Ideal to teach statistics

This software is aimed at satisfying the basic needs of obtaining descriptive statistics and graphics for exploratory analyses. In fact, one of the aspects that make it so appealing for many users is the simplicity of its interface, that makes this discipline much more human and turning out to be a valid instrument to teach statistics at university. Not for nothing, the design of its interface has allowed this program to be widely used in post-graduate courses and business training.

This program also connects to R, the open-source statistical algorithm platform, and it does so in two different ways:

  • By means of an integrated interpreter that allows us to run the R script without leaving the application's work environment.
  • By means of developing applications that use the R calculation engine with a user-friendly interface.
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