Mathematical Software for Windows

Among our mathematical software for Windows you'll be able to find applications to carry out all sorts of calculations and graphical representations

MATLAB R2018b English

Maths software tool for PC

Minitab 18 English

Comprehensive statistical calculation software

PASW Statistics 18.0.0 English
PASW Statistics 18.0.0

One of the most powerful statistic solutions on the market

Mathematica 11.3.0 English
Mathematica 11.3.0

Platform for computational development

IBM SPSS Statistics 1.0.0-2482 English

Poweful software to collect and analyze statistical data

MathType English

Complete mathematical equation and formula editor

Maple 8 English

Solve complex mathematical operations

Mathcad English

Software for engineering calculations

JMP 13 English
JMP 13

Carry out statistical analyses of diverse complexity

Scilab 6.0.2 English
Scilab 6.0.2

The most comprehensive tool to perform numerical calculations

Octave 4.4.1 English
Octave 4.4.1

Applied calculus software very similar to MATLAB

WinPlot 1.55 English
WinPlot 1.55

Generate 2D and 3D graphics

Statgraphics 18.1.08 English
Statgraphics 18.1.08

Carry out statistical analyses on your data

Derive 5 English

Powerful tool for symbolic mathematic calculations

GeoGebra 6.0.529 English
GeoGebra 6.0.529

Software to learn maths at all levels

Maxima 5.42.2 English
Maxima 5.42.2

Excellent free computer algebra system

FreeMat 4.2 English
FreeMat 4.2

Free numerical calculation environment that is an alternative to MATLAB

Oriana 4.01 English
Oriana 4.01

Tool to view and analyze circular data

DataStudio English

View and analyze the data of your experiments

Geometry 2.8.2 English
Geometry 2.8.2

Complete trigonometry and geometry calculations easily

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 English

Solve mathematical operations with this free tool

Gretl 1.9.4 English
Gretl 1.9.4

Application for econometric analyses

Graphing Calculator 3D 7.0 English

Draw any 2D or 3D function almost instantly

Rlab 2.1.05b English
Rlab 2.1.05b

Develop your own maths applications with this quick program

Euler Mathematical Toolbox 13.3 English

Complete numerical and algebraic computation system

Zhu3D 4.2.2 English
Zhu3D 4.2.2

View any mathematical function in 3D

WIRIS Desktop 2.3.1 English

Application to carry out calculations and graphic representations

Geometer 1.5.7 English
Geometer 1.5.7

An application to calculate surfaces and volumes

Graphmatica 2.4a English

Maths tool to solve equations

Infostat 2018d English
Infostat 2018d

Software for statistical analysis

GEUP 5.0.7 English
GEUP 5.0.7

Brilliant application to calculate and view mathematical problems

Math Studio 2.7 English

Excellent tool to create all sorts of maths graphics

CaRMetal 3.8.1 English
CaRMetal 3.8.1

A simple tool to create dynamic geometry figures

Mathomatic 16.0.5 English
Mathomatic 16.0.5

Light software for the calculation of computational algebra

SMath Studio 0.99.6884 English
SMath Studio 0.99.6884

Develop maths operations in this virtual notebook

FindGraph 2.533 English
FindGraph 2.533

Powerful program to generate tables and 2D graphs

Graph English

Excellent application to draw maths graphs

Gnuplot 5.2.5 English
Gnuplot 5.2.5

Create charts based on math functions

Limix Geometric 1.3.25 English

Calculate the area and surface of any geometric shape

DeadLine 2.36 English
DeadLine 2.36

Calculate and view maths charts