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SMath Studio is a virtual notebook that is perfect to perform mathematical calculations. Download SMath Studio for free. You will be able to dominate maths


Develop maths operations in this virtual notebook

March 2, 2019
7 / 10

Science students normally learn how to develop all kinds of mathematical calculations to apply them to various branches of science, like biology, chemistry, physics or computing.

Now we can develop any calculation on our computer, thanks to SMath Studio, a program that has been developed to be used as a virtual notebook, with which you can solve any kind of mathematical enigma.

A notepad for your math calculations

The interface leaves the entire central area free and includes a side toolbar, from which we'll be able to select and import all kinds of symbols, add matrices, configure logarithms and functions, or insert graphs from a problem's data.

The functions included in the program can be expanded by means of plug-ins and, furthermore, from the program's official website we will have the option to download all kinds of exercises, thanks to which we'll be able to understand how a statistics calculation or algebra operation is carried out.

If you like maths and you're looking for an environment in which to be able to develop any calculation without problems, try out SMath Studio.

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