Zhu3D is a practical program that allows you to represent any mathematical function graphically. Download Zhu3D for free and create 3D charts of functions


View any mathematical function in 3D

March 11, 2010
10 / 10

There are many applications developed to perform mathematical and algebraic calculations, but few of them can show us in a visual way how these functions can be represented, something that Zhu3D can handle without any problem.

Represent algebra functions in 3D

It is a tool, based on OpenGL technology, developed exclusively to show, through a three dimensional graph, a representation of any mathematical function input by the user. Once the result has been obtained we will be able to move it, rotate it, change the colors or apply light changes, to accomplish the appearance that we want.

The user will be able to define up to a total of 64 different functions, that can be nested or even recursive, even though it also allows us to use boolean and if-clauses. Different volume-based algorithms can be used to calculate isosurfaces.

If you are looking for a program capable of representing any function in the most attractive way, download Zhu3D, a practical and totally free tool.

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