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iPod Copier is a practical manager for any iPod player. Download iPod Copier and add a whole selection of useful functions that iTunes doesn't allow


Simple file manager for your iPod

March 4, 2010
6 / 10

With the same amount of fans as detractors, the truth is, that iTunes lacks some basic options that any good MP3 music player manager should include. iPod Copier is here to implement and allow the options that Apple doesn't want to let us do on our iPod.

Main functions

  • Make backups of the an iPod's database.
  • Restore the database from any backup (not like now, where it's necessary to synchronize everything again).
  • See and edit ID3 tags quickly.
  • Copy files from an iPod to several computers (this is one of the options that most users want to implement because when you connect an iPod to a PC that isn't synchronized, you can't do anything with the music it includes).

With these four basic mainstays, the truth is that iPod Copier is a program that adds to the computer the options that iTunes (the official iPod manager) doesn't include.

The application's interface is divided into two large areas, the files that are on the iPod and the program's database, making it much easier to organize all the files.

We have to remember that for iPod Copier to work, we have to activate the use as disc option of the iPod, something that has to be done from iTunes.

Requirements and additional information:

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