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Whether you are a gamer or an indie video game developer, on, you will be able to try, discover, and buy games or add your own developments


A platform including all sorts of indie games

January 13, 2021
8 / 10

Gamer does not live on Fortnite, FIFA, GTA, Minecraft, and Super Mario alone. Some players prefer to delve in and try other types of games that are perhaps less popular but equally fun and top quality. is an opensource platform for indie videogames available online and also for Windows desktop and other operating systems where indie video game players and developers can meet. In it you will find (like in other systems like Steam) hundreds of games to buy, some totally free, divided into categories.

Main features

This platform on which developers can upload their games and gamers can download them, includes the following options:

  • The system includes an game download method, with automatic updates.
  • From their panels, users can access all their purchases and games collections.
  • Installed games can be played without an active Internet connection.
  • New games can be searched easily thanks to its browser and organizational system by categories.
  • Being an opensource system, you can join the community and contribute according to your skills.
Lauriane Guilloux

Hi, I’m Lauriane Guilloux. I grew up surrounded by gadgets and technology and everyone who knows me assumes that it will always be one of my greatest interests. I’ve evolved hand-in-hand with PCs, laptops, video gaming consoles, smartphones,...

Susana Arjona

Susana Arjona