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Chess enthusiasts can play on their PC with jose Chess, a very complete chess simulator, almost close to a personal trainer. Download jose Chess for free


Powerful open source chess simulator

September 8, 2009
8 / 10

Fancy playing a few games of chess? With jose Chess you have an opponent that is hard to defeat. This chess simulator comes with many functions that transform it into a database that will allow us to study different moves and even follow the great games of the Masters.

If you are a real chess fan, this game is for you

More than a chess game, jose Chess can actually become a kind of personal chess trainer. It accomplishes this thanks to its capacity to read and play games written in PGN, edit games, insert comments and variations, open books and look for positions.

Among others, it offers support for the XBoard and UCI protocols and has the following game modes: Fischer Random Chess, Chess 960 and Shuffle Chess. You can also export to HTML and PDF, to allow us to analyze or show our moves without needing a computer. Since it is an open-source application, it is constantly updating, and different game engines can be added.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Java 1.4 or above.
  • It may need that you have to install the MSVCR71 DLL file.
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