Joulemeter is an energy meter specially designed to be used on computers. Find out the energy used by any desktop or laptop computer with Joulemeter

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The energy used by a desktop computer and its screen or by a laptop is something that both computer developers and office controllers may really be interested in finding out, because even though they might want this data for totally different purposes, they will find it very useful. And to get hold of this data you can resort to Joulemeter.

Very easy to use

Using Joulemeter is very simple, because all you'll have to do is install it and tell the program the method you want to use to find out the information about the energy the system needs.

This process can be carried out in three totally different ways, depending on the type of computer, directly installing the application on a laptop, by measuring the energy required with Watts Up? Pro or directly typing in the data by hand.

Once you have the data about the energy required by the computer all you have to do is select a program or process (indicating its name in the process tab of the task manager) to find out how much energy is being used and the intensity with which that energy is being produced.

Therefore, if you want to find out the amount of energy that your computer needs and which processes are those that require more energy, download Joulemeter.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only works on Windows 7.
  • Advisable to have Watts Up? Pro to be able to measure the exact energy required by the system, because if not you will have to input the data by hand.
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