OCCT is a diagnosis tool with which we can check the stability of our Windows computer by analyzing the functioning of the system's critical points


Check the stability of your operating system

January 20, 2022
7 / 10

An operating system flaw, such as a blue screen of death of Windows, could just indicate a much larger problem. To diagnose your computer and make sure everything is running in perfect conditions or check if you need to make any kind of adjustment, you can now download OCCT.

Four tests to check your computer's stability

The application offers users a total of four different tests with which we can verify the stability of our computer:

  • Check the CPU with its own test, taking its performance to the limit to find processing errors.
  • Linpack test for the CPU.
  • GPU test to check the performance of the graphical unit.
  • GPU Memtest to check the performance of our graphics card's memory.

This tool also comes along with a function to check the energy consumption as well as to monitor the different elements that may affect the computer's stability. All the latter, represented with graphics to help users to quickly understand what's going on.

Furthermore, users can extract their own reports to be compared over time in order to make sure that their computer is working correctly.

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