Monitoring Tools for Windows

Make sure that all the components of your computer and its Windows operating system are running correctly thanks to these monitoring tools for your PC

ChipGenius 4.18.0203 English
ChipGenius 4.18.0203

Obtain information about your USB units

Joulemeter 1.2 English

Estimate the energy consumed by your computer

Cookie Viewer 1.05 English

Learn which cookies are stored on your PC

BluetoothView 1.66 English

Detect nearby Bluetooth devices

PassMark Sleeper 2.3.1012 English

Test your PCs hibernation and sleep modes

Core Temp 1.13 English
Core Temp 1.13

Measure your processor's temperature

SIW 2019 9.0.0115 English
SIW 2019 9.0.0115

The most complete system check tool

OCCT 10.0.6 English
OCCT 10.0.6

Check the stability of your operating system

WinAudit Freeware 2.29 English
WinAudit Freeware 2.29

Obtain information about the hardware and software installed on your PC

Process Hacker 2.39 English

The most complete windows process manager

Argus Monitor 6.0.04 English

Control the temperature of your PC's hardware

LicenseCrawler 1.166 build-2180 English
LicenseCrawler 1.166 build-2180

Find out the license number of each one of your applications

Battery4Life 2.0 English

Make sure you know how much battery you have left

AppCrashView 1.35 English

Find out why some programs don't work properly

Kiwi application monitor 1.5.3 English

Monitor applications, processes and services without problems

AdRem NetCrunch English
AdRem NetCrunch

Monitor your network's status and generate reports with all the details