Locate Bluetooth devices that are near your PC with BluetoothView. Detect Bluetooth signals that are very near once you download BluetoothView free


Detect nearby Bluetooth devices

February 19, 2013
7 / 10

BluetoothView is a software application that will help you to find Bluetooth devices with your PC. The Bluetooth technology is nothing more than a way to transfer and synchronize data without cables. Many mobile devices, especially telephones, use it to synchronize with one another, and thanks to programs like BluetoothView can also be used to detect if they are near.

Find nearby Bluetooth devices

Normally, the systems that integrate Bluetooth have their own programs, but many times, to detect any device it is a lot more effective to use BluetoothView. Without being a Bluetooth suite, it does allow to carry out dozens of actions, Bluetooth View does guarantee quick detection and provides a lot of information about the nearby devices that have their Bluetooth activated.

BluetoothView offers the following data: name, Bluetooth address, kind of device, model, detection date and that last time it was detected.

When you download BluetoothView for free, you'll obtain a program that is similar to a Wi-Fi network detector but focused on Bluetooth devices.

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