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Bluetooth Sender is a program to send all sorts of mass multimedia files from a Windows PC to a smartphone making the most of Bluetooth connectivity


System for the massive sending of files via Bluetooth

May 3, 2017
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The so-called permission marketing is a non-invasive marketing technique by means of which the potential client authorizes the delivery of adverts. This is also the system on which Bluetooth Sender for PC is based.

Sending advertising files through Bluetooth: how does it work?

That's the main purpose of this program, although it can also be used for other quests, such as sending mass files via Bluetooth from a PC to a phone. It work as follows:

  1. Step 1: run the program and choose the file to be sent from the interface.
  2. Step 2: connect a device with Bluetooth (which will be the transmitter) to your PC by means of a USB cable.
  3. Step 3: choose the recipients of the files from your contact list.

Despite its advertising purposes, you can use it to send any file.

This program can send multimedia files, such as images, music or video to any mobile device with Bluetooth enabled within a range of 150 meters. The latter will receive the files without needing to download any kind of iPhone app or APK in the case of Android.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with certain limitations.
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