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Download PassMark Sleeper free to test the sleep and hibernation modes of your PC. PassMark Sleeper offers useful information about energy consumption


Test your PCs hibernation and sleep modes

April 13, 2019
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As well as turning of your computer, there are two other hibernation modes available for a PC when it isn't being used. PassMark Sleeper is an application that takes care of testing the different hibernation modes of any computer.

Saving energy

The sleep, hibernation and hybrid modes have been developed to save energy, even though they can be used for other purposes. While the first simply reduces the amount of energy used while maintaining the computer ready to restart activity with a simple click of the mouse or pressing a key, the hibernation mode turns it completely off saving its previous status and completely eliminating the energy consumption, while the hybrid mode uses a combination of the two previous modes.

Sleeper will take care of testing a PC capacity to enter any of the modes (using the ACPI system) and reboot the activity later.


  • Place the PC under any hibernation mode supported by the system.
  • Resume the activity of the PC after a specific amount of time.
  • Make your computer hibernate from the command line.
  • Force the PC to enter any of the previous statuses.
  • Cycle through all the status or those supported by the system.
  • Show the compatibility modes.

Perfect for laptops

PassMark Sleeper doesn't require installing, thus making it a perfect tool to carry around on a portable device. Select the method you want to test in the top left corner. Underneath, the 'Sleep Mode' button activates the test, after which you will be able to see a registry with the time used and the number of cycles.

Download PassMark Sleeper free and check how your computer manages energy in any of these statuses.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This software is free for personal use.
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