Kea Coloring Book

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Kea Coloring Book is a painting pad for your PC. Paint without any paper or colors, just use your computer's screen by downloading Kea Coloring Book


The ideal coloring book for non-stop painting

August 6, 2021
6 / 10

Technology has allowed us to use machines to do tasks that always used to be manual. This can sometimes have its inconveniences, but in general, the advantages predominate. This is the case of Kea Coloring Book, the typical coloring book for kids, that is now in digital format.

With this program, your kids will be able to paint all the drawings they want without getting dirty because it's not necessary to use paper or paint. The application's interface is very intuitive, and it's perfectly adapted to be used by kids. The majority of the options are represented graphically, making it very simple to use.

Main features

  • Different images to paint with its large color palette.
  • Access to the classic tools: fill, paintbrush, erase and clear the whole image.
  • Selecting the paintbrush thickness.
  • Possibility of saving colored drawings.
  • Option to print.

The trial version of Kea Coloring Book provides 15 different drawings to paint. If you want more drawings and have access to other functionalities, you have to pay for the full product.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with certain limitations.
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