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Download Kinectimals Unleashed and have fun taking care and playing with your pet. Discover the almost one hundred different animals of Kinectimals


Look after and play with your pet

January 27, 2019
8 / 10

Kinectimals Unleashed will put your skill as an animal carer to the test. You have more than 80 different animals of all sorts of species to take care of and play with, from a dog to a Bengal tiger. Overcome with your pets all the different games and challenges you're faced with, including training circuits or frisbee catching, and get hold of the hundreds of collectible toys and objects available.

A world to be discovered with your pets.

Main features of Kinectimals Unleashed

  • Try to get hold of the more than 80 different animals.
  • Explore different play areas with your pet.
  • Unlock games and toys.
  • Teach tricks to your pet and earn rewards.
  • Customize your animals and publish their photos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Share gifts with your friends.

Unleash your dogs in Kinectimals Unleashed and prove you're the best animal carer to win all sorts of prizes and rewards.

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