Kitty Luv
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Kitty Luv is an entertaining game with which you will be able to create your own virtual pet. In this game you can choose a cat to play and look after


Take care of and play with your favorite pet

February 13, 2019
6 / 10

Kitty Luv allows you to have a virtual pet to be able to feed it, brush its hair, play with it, and make sure that it is well. You will be able to choose the kitten that you prefer, and decide if it will be a male or a female. As you advance you will receive more accessories for your cat, clothes and other elements that will help you look after it.

Adopt a cat as your virtual pet

To start off, you have to choose the breed of the cat that you are going to look after. You will be able to decide between a few and choose the one that you like most. You also have to decide if you want a tomcat or a she-cat and give it a name. From there onwards, your cat will appear in your living room. With Kitty Luv you will be able to do all the things that you would be able to do if you had a real cat: feed it, scratch it, brush it, walk it or make it go to sleep.

In the Kitty Luv pet shop, you will be able to buy new objects that will help you to look after your cat, like clothes, food and other accessories to make sure that your pet is happy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • With the demo version, you'll be able to play for 60 minutes.
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