Limagito FileMover Lite

Limagito FileMover will allow you to move your files from one folder to another automatically. Specify where to store each file with Limagito FileMover

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Current computers can accumulate a large amount of files on hard drives, whether internal or external, as well as storage space online. To be able to control all those files it is worth the while to have a tool like Limagito FileMover.

  This program allows the user to define a set of parameters that have to be followed when it comes to storing files on the computer, or on an FTP server, no matter if it uses the FTP, SFTP, FTPS or SMTP protocol.

  Limagito FileMover allows you to specify where to store a file based on its size, modification date and name. What's more, it allows you to encrypt or decrypt the data depending on where it is stored.

  To carry out the whole process, Limagito FileMover occupies a space in the system tray, and it keeps track of all the movements and changes to the files. To make it even better, in the pay-to-use version of the program, it allows the user to specify various processes to be carried out at the same time.

  Therefore, if you want an application that will help you to maintain all your files in order, download and install Limagito FileMover.
Requirements and additional information:
The free version only allows you to run one file movement rule at a time.
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