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Mandiant Redline is a program designed to audit and analyze PCs that are susceptible of having malware. Protect your organization with Mandiant Redline


Audit your computer in search of malware

March 25, 2021
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The hosts of any computer network can be susceptible of being infected by malware, and in many cases it can't be detected by conventional antivirus applications, needing to use a program to audit the system to make them visible before it's possible to eliminate them. In these cases you can use Mandiant Redline.

Audit the computers of your network

Mandiant Redline is a free program offered by this important computer auditing company to protect computer networks, making the job of any network security expert as easy as possible.

How Mandiant Redline works is really simple for any user with a minimum knowledge of computing, because when you install it on your computer it will only be necessary to complete an analysis to have your data audited, and once you have this information you'll be able to carry out more specific analyses when you deem it necessary or if you think that you computer has been infected.

Additionally, Mandiant Redline offers us the possibility to include specific definitions for files to measure the possibility that they have been compromised, so that not even the smallest of the malware can manage to escape from detection.

Download Mandiant Redline for free to check the reliability of the security of your network's computers.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • This download requires that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is installed.
  • The application is free for non-commercial use.
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