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Download RKill to kill processes running in the background related to malware. Stop them with RKill so you can later use an antivirus to eliminate them


Put a halt to all the dangerous processes that run in the background

May 8, 2018
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RKill is a security tool in charge of killing the running processes that are related with different kinds of malware, in such a way that it will later be possible to activate a conventional antivirus to eliminate them from the system.

On certain occasions the malware that runs in the background is hidden so as to avoid being detected and thus avoids antiviruses from working properly. With RKill you previously create a base over which it will be possible for the antivirus to work properly.


  • Remove malware processes that run in the background.
  • Import registry files to eliminate incorrect file associations and establish policies that will avoid the use of certain tools.
  • Obtain a registry file with all the processes eliminated after using the software.

Smoothing things out for your antivirus

Once RKill has done its job, it is important to immediately launch an antivirus. RKill can't eliminate the malware on its own; it only stops and eliminates the processes. That job is up to your normal security tool, that is highly recommendable to be launched immediately after, and what's more important, before relaunching the system, because the infection could be configured in such a way that it runs each time the system boots up.

On the other hand, the developers offer different names for the program file, because some infections may not allow the process to run depending on the file name. If this is your case, you only have to replace the name of the executable with one of those offered as an alternative.

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